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Martin Luther took your legs

January 24, 2012

It’s been several years since I attended my last theology class, but I seem to recall a few biblical admonitions about loving thy neighbor and turning the other cheek and generally doing unto others, etc. To the outsider, Christianity is usually marketed as a religion of peace. In fact, it wasn’t really until the rise of Protestantism that the gratuitous violence of the Old Testament was given much consideration. Until that point, which happily coincided with the development of printing and the rapid (relatively) expansion of literacy, the teachings of Christ and the doctrines of the Church were for the most part closely guarded mysteries of the Catholic clergy. The xenophobic mistrust of this foreign elitism was, in fact, one of the driving inspirations of Martin Luther et al to rise against Rome, proof that evangelicals from the sticks can always be counted on to rouse some rabble.

At any rate, publishers made a mint cranking out copies of the Bible that were for the first time translated into the various vernaculars of northern Europe (Of course, these were watered down rewrites of rewrites from the original Hebrew, something Somebody probably should’ve  thought about before throwing a tantrum over a modest engineering concern.). The gentle passages of the Gospels were still lauded as the core of the faith, but the lurid tales of slaughter and rapine found in the Old Testament obviously played well to the masses. Disregarding one of the core premises of Jesus’ new covenant — which, like all other covenants in the Bible, rendered its predecessors null and void — the armies of new street preachers injected the violence into their wild barnburners and it wasn’t long before all of northern Europe and eventually America were enslaved to this brutal, backwards theology.

So, long and short of it, that’s why you have groups that claim to represent the benevolent interests of Christ on this earth endorsing lying, corrupt millionaires who advocate the expansion of conflicts that lead to shit like this:

The explosions left some of the victims badly maimed. “Where are my legs?” shouted Emad Jasim, 21, at a hospital in Sadr City. “Tell me where my legs are. Why are they not there?”

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  1. Johnathan permalink
    January 24, 2012 1:45 pm

    Way better reading than that Times article:

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